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PATA Youth Symposium @ PATA Travel Mart 2023

Featured Destination: New Delhi, India

PATA Youth Symposium aims to empower and cultivate future leaders of the tourism industry. Organised by PATA, the youth symposium provides a platform for young people to engage with industry leaders and peers, share their ideas and insights, and learn about the latest trends in the tourism industry.

This year's youth symposium focuses on highlighting the challenges and issues faced by young people in the tourism industry. With an emphasis on giving voice to the youth, the symposium is a unique opportunity to speak up, represent the generation, and contribute to the development of the industry. Through interactive discussions and engaging sessions, PATA Youth Symposium 2023 aims to empower and inspire the next generation of tourism leaders.

With the generous sponsorship from iFREE Group, we are selecting two (2) youths to attend PATA Youth Symposium and PATA Travel Mart 2023. Application for Sponsorship is ONLY open to our Premium EDU Members and PATA Youth Members.

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PATA Youth Symposium 2023 is proudly supported by:

October 5

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