May 15 - 17 | The Grand Lisboa Palace Resort, Macao, China

Featured Destination: Macao, China

The PATA Annual Summit 2024, generously hosted by the Macao Government Tourism Office and supported by SJM Resorts, S.A., embraces a global tourism forum that brings together international thought leaders, industry shapers and senior decision-makers who are professionally engaged in driving tourism to, from and within the Asia Pacific region.

The extensive programme, comprised of plenary sessions, breakout sessions, the PATA Executive Board and Board meetings, and Annual General Meeting, will provide a platform for PATA’s public and private sector members and partners, and most importantly PATA Chapters and PATA Youth from around the world to discuss the challenges, issues and opportunities facing the industry as it looks towards the responsible and sustainable growth, value, and quality of tourism in the region.

The three-day programme consists of:

PATA Board Meeting &
PATA Annual General Meeting (for PATA Member Only)

Main Conference

Destination Experience

Youth Symposium

Official Venue

The Grand Lisboa Palace Resort

The Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau celebrates the grand union of the best from East and West, emanating cross-cultural and legendary heritage. A property of SJM Resorts, S.A., this newest member of the widely recognised Lisboa brand sets a new standard for hospitality excellence. Situated in Cotai, Macao, the resort brings together world-class brands and distinguished styles of accommodation, gastronomy, retail, entertainment, and wellness indulgence, complemented by one-of-a-kind wedding, event and meeting venues.

The Grand Lisboa Palace, uniting world-class excellence and visionary aesthetics in one integrated resort, redefines travelling and leisure experiences, giving new meaning to what's already legendary.

Comprising 3 stunning towers, the resort offers sumptuous accommodation that combines exquisite, Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star comfort and extraordinary aesthetics. Immerse yourself in European and Chinoiserie-inspired opulence.

PAS 2024 Registration

Conference Delegate Registration Fee includes:

  • Access to the Summit & all functions listed in the programme including dinners, lunches, and coffee breaks

  • Complimentary City Tour

  • Airport transfer to/from official hotels

  • Daily Transfer from the official hotels to the venue

  • US $10 Carbon offset

Early-bird rate ending on Jan 31, 2024- grab yours before the price goes up by 10%!

Macao is a popular tourist destination, known for its rich history, cultural festivals with world-class integrated resorts, festive events and vibrant entertainment. Tourists visit to explore its historic sites, try its famous diverse gastronomy offerings, including street food, and experience its lively leisure and gaming industry.

Though a small economy, Macao pursues an open economic policy. It boasts one of the lowest tax regimes in the Asia Pacific region and sound financial stability. As a free port and a separate tariff zone, which has no foreign exchange controls, Macao is an active player in the regional economy and a vital link between the mainland Chinese and global markets.

About Macao, China

Macao's intangible cultural heritage encompasses a diverse range of practices, expressions, knowledge, and skills passed down through generations. This includes oral traditions, performing arts, social customs, rituals, and the know-how behind traditional crafts. The designation of Macao as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in 2017 adds powerful international branding to the city’s portfolio.

Getting there (Macau International Airport)

Macau International Airport is the primary airport serving the region and is located on Taipa Island, one of the two main islands in Macao. The airport is conveniently located just a 15 to 20-minute drive from the city centre.

You can also reach Macao directly from the Hong Kong International Airport via ferry, bus, or cross-border coach, with the journey typically taking about one hour.

Visa Information

Please visit for the countries that require a visa to enter Macao, China, and contact your local embassy to apply for a visa if needed.

All visitors must hold a passport valid for at least six (6) months.

  • Macao Standard Time (MST) is 8 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+8).

    The Macanese Pataca (MOP) is the official currency in Macao. 8 Macau Patacas = 1 US dollar (Nov 21, 2023).

    While the Macanese Pataca is the official currency, Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) are also widely accepted in Macao, and many businesses in Macao will display prices in both MOP and HKD.

  • Macao's culture is a blend of Chinese and Portuguese influences due to its history, thus, the official languages of Macao are Chinese and Portuguese. These languages reflect Macao’s unique history.

    While Chinese (specifically Cantonese) is the most widely spoken language in Macao, Portuguese holds a special status and is used in official and government contexts.

    Major religions: Buddhism and Taoism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

  • Macao has a humid subtropical climate with distinct seasons. Here's an overview of the climate in Macao throughout the year:

    1. Spring (March to May): ⭐️

    Spring in Macao is pleasantly warm and relatively dry. Temperatures range from 18°C to 26°C (64°F to 79°F). It's a popular time for tourists to visit because of the comfortable weather.

    2. Summer (June to August):

    Macao experiences hot and humid summers. Temperatures can range from 27°C to 32°C (81°F to 90°F) or higher. It's also the rainy season, with occasional heavy downpours and the possibility of typhoons.

    3. Autumn (September to November):

    Autumn in Macao is characterized by gradually cooling temperatures and decreasing humidity. It's a pleasant time for outdoor activities, with temperatures ranging from 24°C to 30°C (75°F to 86°F).

    4. Winter (December to February):

    Winters in Macao are mild and relatively dry. Temperatures can range from 12°C to 20°C (54°F to 68°F). While it's not extremely cold, it's advisable to bring some warm clothing, especially for evenings.

    5. Typhoon Season:

    Macao can be affected by typhoons, with the typhoon season typically occurring from June to October. Typhoons can bring heavy rain, strong winds, and disruptions to travel plans.

    Macao can be affected by typhoons, with the typhoon season typically occurring from June to October. Typhoons can bring heavy rain, strong winds, and disruptions to travel plans.

  • The international dialling code for Macao is +853. When making international calls to Macao, you would typically dial your country's exit code, followed by +853, and then the local number in Macao. For example, calling Macao from Thailand: 001 (exit code for Thailand) +853(country code) + area code + number.

    The emergency hotline number for Macao is 999.


Electricity in Macao is at 230V, 50Hz. The power plugs used in Macao are of the three-pin, square-shaped or round-shaped type. It is suggested to check before using an electrical appliance.

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