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We are delighted to welcome nine new PATA International Members into the community. We are excited to have them on board and look forward to working closely with them to bring expertise to our community, across our members, the PATA network and the travel industry on the journey ahead!

Get to know them by checking out their profiles below.

Air India Express

Air India Express and AirAsia India have come together on a single platform to offer you the best of both worlds. As subsidiaries of Air India, both airlines are united in their commitment to delivering cost-effective, reliable, and convenient flight services across India and internationally

Air India Express is India’s first budget airline on regional international routes, operating under an LCC business model. It operates direct point-to-point services connecting key cities in India with destinations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Set up in 2005, it has emerged as the largest LCC on the India-Gulf route, with a significant presence across the region. The airline connects 34 destinations in India and abroad with over 700 flights per week. In January 2022, Air India Express, together with its parent company Air India, was successfully privatised, with ownership returning back to the Tata group that had initially founded Air India.

AirAsia India, on the other hand, began its journey in 2013 as a joint venture between Tata Sons Private Limited and AirAsia Aviation Group Limited and has since grown to become one of the leading domestic airlines. With the capacity to serve over a million guests every month, AirAsia India connects 19 destinations across India, including key metro cities.

Together, we are committed to constantly evolving and exceeding our guests' expectations in terms of quality, affordability, convenience, and comfort. So, come on board and enjoy a refreshed experience, promising fast bookings, fab deals, and fantastic value.


AMH Tourism (Branch of AMH International Investment LLC)

AMH Tourism is a multi-service company, part of the ASPIN group, based in Dubai, UAE. We have associated with Dubai International Hotel to provide various services to our partners and agents related to UAE visa services. Our operation is headquartered in Dubai along with our technology, systems and operations team. We are presently catering to most of the big established agents/consolidators in UAE and other countries.


Ark Travel Express Inc.

If there is one company that is synonymous with travel and tourism, it is Ark Travel Express. The multi-awarded Ark Travel Express is one of the largest travel and tourism companies in the Philippines and has been in the business since 1984, the company is headed by the indefatigable Maria Paz R. Alberto, who is well versed not only in the travel and tourism industry but also in marketing, management and leadership.



Asia Bespoke Tours is the expert destination management company for tailor-made luxury travel in Southeast Asia. Our years of experience and local expertise make us the perfect DMC partner to meet your clients’ needs - and exceed their expectations with our Signature of Excellence. We specialize in creative itineraries in Southeast Asia that you will not see anywhere else. Our in-market teams across the region guide you and your clients every step of the way.



Crystal Holidays orients towards be a Smart Tourism Ecosystem (All-in-One) with travel services, air tickers, high-quality transportation, accommodation, restaurant and entertainment services; aims to catch up with the new trend of advanced science of the mankind and to contribute enhancing customers’ life values. In addition, Crystal Holidays cooperates with the world’s top hotel management groups like Wyndham Group (USA) and Centara Group (Thailand)… to ensure all the services that we bring to customers meet world-class standards. We understand that our mission is to build and develop tourism according to the trend of sustainable tourism; apply modern technology to tourism service management while preserving intact the beauty of indigenous culture and local heritages.


Elmakkan for Travel and Tours (88 Destinations)

We are licensed tour operators founded by Saudi travelers who travelled over 100 countries combined. We know what you are looking for during your travel and what you want to see. We created the itineraries a little bit different than most of what you will find as we focus on the people and culture aspects making our destination unique and different. Our internal setup was made to serve mainly the B2B sector and cater for this market and their demand Saudi Arabia is new in the tourism industry and unknown to the outsiders which means less information and more expectations. We manage the expectation part while we can answer all your questions. We know the routes , places worth to visit , best time to be and reliable services.


Indic Tours Pvt Ltd

Indic Tours Private Limited, founded in 2022 by Mr. Sameer Kumar, provides a novel and personal approach for travel to the Indian subcontinent. We offer best tailor-made holidays with high attention to detail and local knowledge, providing unparalleled and memorable experiences. We have dedicated staff that is totally committed to service and whose friendly, caring and professional attitude will win you over.


Kansai Gaidai University Hospitality Management Program

Kansai Gaidai is a private, nonprofit institution composed of Kansai Gaidai University, (four-year program), Kansai Gaidai College (two-year program), the Graduate School, and the Asian Studies Program. Included within the Asian Studies Program is the Hospitality Management Program which was started in 2017. This fast track program is for Japanese students to prepare to become managers in the hospitality industry after they graduate. Every year the program hosts 25-30 students who study hospitality and business topics for a year and then go abroad for a semester or longer to study as exchange students with the many university partners of the program such as the University of Central Florida and HK Poly University.


My Blossom Travel

Practically we can do anything. We are a Travel Agency at heart but think of us as the Boutique New Age version of the best travel agency you have ever come across or done business with. And that is not just pretty words. By introducing totally innovative and tailor-made services to our portfolio we can offer a truly personalised and hassle-free travel experience for all; business and leisure travellers, ultra-high and medium-low budgeters, holiday-package seekers, and independence-loving enquirers alike. Our new age services, such as the innovative Fly Easy or Personalised Accommodation service, bring a new dawn to your travelling days, elevating the flying and accommodation experience to the highest levels, without going overbudget.


Embracing Sustainability in Travel: How the Travel Industry can Support the UNSDGs- by Sabre


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