International Chef’s Day: Cooking up Culinary Change with LightBlue


This October, chefs from around the world are stirring up more than just culinary delights. As October celebrates two vital occasions; International Chef Day and World Food Day, with chefs embracing sustainable food practices and championing a food waste revolution with the Food Intel Tech (FIT Tech).

International Chef Day, celebrated on October 20th, brings the culinary community together to honor the art of cooking. But this year, it's not only about tantalizing taste buds; it's also about reducing and repurposing waste. Chefs worldwide are sharing their remarkable journeys in adopting sustainable food practices. Chef Claudio Rossi exemplifies the transformative power of LightBlue's FIT Tech, “The local culinary team, including chefs, service staff, and stewards, has learned that food waste is not an option. They've discovered that there are ways to prevent or minimize waste. Moreover, FIT Tech being user-friendly has made it easier to buy in many people.”

Through creative resourcefulness and a deepened appreciation for ingredients, they are driving the agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aligning perfectly with the essence of International Chef Day. The chefs are showing how food waste reduction goes beyond preserving the planet; by adopting FIT Tech, they demonstrate how culinary practices can have a profound impact on climate action, circular economies, community empowerment, and cultural heritage preservation.

Chef Fernando sheds light on how they have reduced waste in their kitchens and cut costs without compromising quality. “It has transformed their culinary journey by fostering resourcefulness, creativity, and a greater appreciation for ingredients. The heightened mindfulness in preparing and executing dishes has minimized waste and maximized their resources, resulting in more sustainable and satisfying cooking experiences.”

We celebrate the chefs' remarkable efforts, as they are redefining culinary artistry, creating a meaningful impact, and paving the way for a future where responsible dining is the norm. LightBlue is proud to stand alongside these culinary visionaries, supporting their journey towards a more sustainable and satisfying dining experience.

About LightBlue Consulting:

LightBlue Consulting is a leading advocate for sustainability within the hospitality industry, specializing in food waste reduction. LightBlue offers a comprehensive range of services, from educational programs and certifications to advanced technology solutions. By empowering organizations to implement sustainable practices, LightBlue supports its clients in reducing food waste, improving profitability, and becoming a responsible business in the changing landscape.

About FIT Food Waste Tech:

Agile tech solutions for commercial kitchens willing to track and reduce food waste and associated costs at multiple locations. FIT is a proud recipient of the “Solar Impulse Foundation Efficient Solution” (2021) accolade.

About The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste:

The PLEDGE™ is a Singapore-based third-party certification and benchmarking system which allows restaurants, hotels, and cafeterias to reduce food waste, reduce costs, gain recognition, and nurture the local ecosystem of solution providers.

This article has been reposted with permission from LightBlue Consulting, a practical expertise in the field of Food Waste Prevention that guide, train and accompany organizations in integrating circular business models to move towards zero food waste to landfill and low carbon operations through tech solutions, workshops and courses, and certification, and a valued PATA Member. PATA proudly supports discussions around sustainability through the SDGs Matter guest post initiative. Please note that the views and opinions expressed in the article may not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of PATA or any of its employees.


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